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Computer Manuals & DOS Software—DOS, Assembly Language, etc.


DOS Manuals and Programs Back in the "olden days" of computers, I decided to teach myself computer repair and programming. I started learning Assembly Language, and bought a series of manuals with "tricks" for MS-DOS®. Although I did learn some things, and did write some programs, I eventually decided that this was not the way to earning money for me. After all, the programs I was writing were simply custom versions of commercially available applications. I decided it was a more productive use of my time to accommodate myself to the commercial versions than to come up with my own program that did things the way I wanted. Today, many of these manuals are collector's items.

Thrown in here are some software programs that I used to sell from my business. Most have been opened, but never sold at retail. That was my stupidity—some customers actually wanted to see what was in the carton, and I stupidly opened them, then could never sell them because they had been opened!



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