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Elements Explorer

0 Elements Explorer: A multimedia guide to the periodic table

Elements Explorer brings together clear explanations and vivid graphics to help students grasp the essentials of the periodic table. Users will find over 300 articles on the chemical elements and related topics--all based on the award-winning McGraw-Hill Encylopedia of Science & Technology and bestselling Exploring Chemical Elements and Their Compounds.

Features include:
An interactive version of the periodic table, from which you can select element information pages listing essential properties of each element: atomic weight and number, melting and boiling points, isotopes, discovery date, and more

  • Ability to sort the elements by their properties
  • Tutorial audio narrative of the organization and history of the periodic table
  • Detailed analysis of each element, including crystal animations, chemical and physical properties, commercial uses, plus sharp photo images of elements in solid form
  • Hyperlinks to related articles from each element information page
  • Glossary
Copyright 1998 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Minimum System Requirements:
IBM PC or compatible:
486-66 MHz or faster processor, Windows 3.1 operating system or higher, 8 MB RAM minimum, 640x480 pixel, 256-color video board and monitor, CD-ROM drive, Windows-compatible sound card. Mouse and printer optional.

This is an older version, but it should still be current with re elements! New in unopened shrink-wrapped package, original suggested retail $165.00. Newest version retails at $325.00!

Quantity available: 1

Price: Only $95.00 - FREE Shipping & Handling to U.S. Address only via Piority Mail!

#A0106: Elements Explorer: A multimedia guide to the periodic table

Pennsylvania residents: Add 6% sales tax.

Insurance not included or required, but is available at extra charge of $2.05, and is suggested or we cannot guarantee delivery.

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