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Small Antique Library Table

Small Antique Library Table

Small Antique Library Table

Small Antique Library Table What a well-preserved table for foyer, living room, den, or other important place in your home or office. This has been in my family for at least three generations, possibly four.

The table is just the right size so that it could be used as a computer table for your notebook computer, or it could also serve as a small writing desk.

This was crafted in the 1880's. I had found a nearly identical table on the Internet about two years before I offered this for sale, but lost my description of who manufactured it, and exactly what the wood is. I thought I remembered that it was birds-eye Maple, but a recent visitor told me that it is Oak. In any event it is solid wood, not a veneer.

Table is 28" long by 18" wide by 28" high. It has one full-width drawer, 2-3/8" deep. The drawer pull, or knob, is shown in close-up in the second photo along with a portion of the carved trim under it. The carved trim is shown more clearly in the third picture.

Small Antique Library Table The (dusty) fourth picture is a close-up of the ornamentation on one side of the left cross piece holding the single shelf on the bottom. Of course, there is an identical cross piece on the right side. The table is fully finished on all four sides.

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Small Antique Library Table Price: We're asking $850.00 - Plus Shipping & Handling. Shipping and handling to be determined based on your location. Email us (Contact Us link at left) and provide your Zip code. If you are located near Kane, PA, contact us to view this table and, if you purchase it, you can pick it up with no S&H charge.

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Small Antique Library Table
This carving is on both end sides, the side opposite from the drawer, and both sides of the cross pieces holding the shelf. It is a wider, or more spread-out version of the trim under the drawer.

Small Antique Library Table

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