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For Sale:
Minolta EP 410Z Color Toner Cartridges

Minolta EP 410Z Color Toner Cartridge
Minolta EP 410Z Color Toner Cartridges

Here's a tale of woe. :-(

Back around 1990 I started a new business. It was called Arden's Editorial Services, and I billed it as the printing alternative. I used my Minolta EP 410Z color photo copier as a means to produce small quantities of printed materials—brochures, fliers, etc.—in lieu of the higher prices and larger quantities required by commercial printers.

Shortly after starting the business the early '90s recession started and put me right back out of business. The bank repossessed the copier along with the black toner cartridge, but they forgot that I had four color toner cartridges. :-)

For the past nearly 20 years I have been storing those cartridges. They are in heavy plastic cases, pretty well sealed. A photo of one appears on this page, probably the brown one in its opened case. The colors are: red, green, blue and brown. Each of the cartridges still holds the last bottle of color toner used. The cartridges were in perfect working order when last used, but I have no idea whether the remaining toner is still usable, and I have no way to check these. Each cartridge has a counter showing how many copies were made on it. The actual count on each (and no, they did not "roll over" from 100,000) is:
     Red 16,032
     Green 10,899
     Blue 20,262
     Brown 10,629
and I have no reason to believe that the cartridges are not almost as good as new.

The way this worked, to print two or more colors, was to prepare copy for each color then run them through once for each color. So, a 4-color printout required running each sheet of paper through four times, once for each color. I found that 24 lb. paper worked better than standard 20 lb. paper for this process.

The copier was an excellent machine. If you have still an EP 410Z and either need new cartridges, or want to start printing in more than one color, here's your opportunity. From a quick Google search I can tell that black toner cartridges are still available for the EP 410Z copier, but I did not notice any color toners. Before making an offer you will want to be sure that color toner is still available for these. Note: to the best of my knowledge this is NOT a laser copier. I did learn that Konica and Minolta merged, and it is now Konica Minolta.

Make An Offer: I am offering these for sale by accepting offers. I would like to sell them as a group, but will consider offers for one, two or three. Submit your offer by clicking Offer or request for add'l info on Minolta Color Toner Cartridges. Be sure to include your state and ZIP Code so I can calculate postage and, if in Pennsylvania, sales tax.

I will consider all offers and if I reject an offer will post that information on this page.

Quantity available: Only 1 ea.: red, green, blue, brown.

Offered by Arden Services.

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