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Playboy Magazine: Back Issues 1977 - 2000

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This collection of Playboy Magazine back issues from 1977 - 2000 was placed on consignment. We perused every one, and all include the centerfold and all pages. Most can be classified as in original condition—I believe the original owner collected these for invesment, and most look like they've never even been read! (After listing these online I learned that the consignors had actually torn the shrinkwrap off most of these magazines before turning them over for sale! R. Arden Johnson) The few exceptions to condition are noted. Unless noted otherwise there is only one (1) copy of each issue available!


SOLD Playboy, January 1977 #JC0314
     Contents: Against Coeduction, Dotson Rader; The Right To Arms, Edward Abby; Playboy Interview: Alex Haley—candid conversation; The Motel Tapes—part one of a new book, Mike McGrady; Naturall Leigh—pictorial; The Parts Left Out of the Patty Hearst Trial—article, Paul Krassner; The Eleventy-Hour Santa—gifts; Great Comeback Lines—humor, John Blumenthal; Spermula—pictorial; You Are What You Eat—article, Dan Greenburg; That Was the Year That Was—humor, Judith Wax; The Rolls Royce Love Affair—fiction, Erica Jong; The Sunshine Kid—playboy's playmate of the month (Susan Kiger); Playboy's Party Jokes—humor; Mr, Death—article, Laurence Gonzales; Guiding Lights—attire, Robert L. Green; Mendel I Thought—fiction, Isaac Bashevis Singer; Touch Me, Feel Me...Spank Me—from the new book, Rosemarie Santini; The City Car Comes of Age—modern living, Brock Yates; McGuire's—article, Jimmy Breslin; Playboy's Playmate Review—pictorial; The Vargas Girl—pictorial, Alberto Vargas; The Pregnant Alderman—ribald classic, Georg Wickram; Blanket Approval—attire; The Russian Playboy—parody; Sebastian the Cat—fiction, Evan Hunter; Art Buchwald's Illustrated Guide to Superb Tennis—humor, Art Buchwald; Morning Glories!—drink, Emanuel Greenberg; Playboy's Annual Writing Awards; plus regular features.
     Condition: The cover has had something spilled on it, and is a bit worn. Inside pages are in very good condition for its age.

SOLD#JC0314: Playboy, January 1977. $15.00 + $4.35 S&H to U.S. Address only via Priority Mail.

SOLD Playboy, January 1978, Holiday Annversary Issue #JC0315
     Contents: Playboy Panel: UFOS—discussion; A Conversation About Sex and Women with Jean-Paul Sartre—interview, Catherine Chaine; Film Directors' Erotic Fantasies—pictorial; The Eleventh-Hour Santa—gifts; That Was the Year That Was—humor, Judith Wax; Tomorrow's Turn-Ons—attire, Robert L. Green; Take My Wife - Please!—article, Dan Greenburg; Alex Haley's Candid Conversations—interviews; You Ought To Be in Pictures—playboy's playmate of the month (Debra Jensen); Playboy's Party Jokes—humor; A Terrible Beauty, Brad Holland, text by Tom Wicker; Champagne and Caviar—food and drink, Emanuel Greenburg; Moviemaking, Seventies Style: (three articles and a board game); Full Many a Flower—fiction, Irwin Shaw; The Smoke Off—humor, Shel Silverstein; Playboy's Playmate Review—pictorial; Doctor Fastest—fiction, Erich Segal; Mel Brooks in "High Anxiety"—humor, Mel Brooks, Ron Clark, Rudy De Luca and Barry Levinson; The Czar's Cadets at Peterhof—ribald classic, Mikhail Lermontov; The Year In Sex—pictorial; Playboy's Annual Awards; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent for its age.

SOLD#JC0315: Playboy, January 1978, Holiday Annversary Issue. $17.50 + $4.35 S&H to U.S. Address only via Priority Mail.

SOLD Playboy, January 1979, Collector's Edition, Twenty-Fifth Anniverdary Issue #JC0316
     Contents: (in 410-pages) Playboy Sex Poll, Howard Smith; The Playboy Philosophy (excerpts from 25 installments of Hugh M. Hefner's observations); Playboy Interview: Marlon Brando—candid conversation; The Fountains of Paradise: Part One —fiction, Arthur C. Clarke; Why the British Love to Dress in Drag—article, Robert Morley; 25 Beautiful Years—pictorial; Power Failure—opinion, David Halberstam; Beyond 1984—essay, Ray Bradbury; Sex Is Politics—essay, Gore Vidal; Grin and Bare It—pictorial; Has Women's Lib Created a New Man?—symposium, Robert Kerwin; The Great Playmate Hunt—pictorial; Playmate Perfect— playboy's playmate of the month (Candy Loving); Playboy's Party Jokes—humor; Elegance for the Eighties—attire, David Platt; Interlude with the Undead—pictoral essay, Anne Rice; Up for the Count—attire, David Platt; Word Job—humor, Jules Feiffer; Gesturing—fiction, John Updike; Forecasting Playboy's Future—prognostication, Sydney Omarr; The Purpose of the Moon—fiction, Tom Robbins; A Child's Garden of (Hormonal) Mysteries—humor, Bill Cosby; Playboy's Playmate Review—pictorial; A Garland of Lecherous Verse—ribald classic; That Was the Year that Was—humor, Judith Wax; The Illustrated History of Playboy; The Eleventh-Hour Santa—gifts; David Steinberg's Guide to Disco Etiquette—humor; Playboy's Annual Awards; Cheers Through the Year—drink, Emanuel Greenberg; The Devil and Billy Markham—verse, Shel Silverstein; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent for its age. Compare at prices up to $29.95 + S&H.

SOLD!#JC0316: Playboy, January 1979, Collector's Edition, Twenty-Fifth Anniverdary Issue. $25.00.

SOLD Playboy, August 1980 #JC0380
     Contents: Playboy's Travel Guide, Stephen Birnbaum; Playboy Interview: William Shockley—candid conversation; Fanny, Being the True History of the Adventures of Fanny Hackabout-Jones—fiction, Erica Jong; Bo . . . Is Back—pictorial; The Reagan Question—article, Robert Scheer; Cooke's Tour—playboy's playmate of the month (Victoria Cooke); The Doobie Brothers—From the Top—article, John Eskow; Clear Sailing Ahead!—attire, David Platt; Ten Kinds of Women To Avoid At All Costs—article, Harry Stein; Getting It On with Greens—food, Emanuel Greenberg; Girls of Hawaii—pictorial; The Hyde Park Frolic—ribald classic; Playboy's Pro Football Preview—sports, Anson Mount; Little Annie Fanny—satire, Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent.

SOLD!#JC0380: Playboy, August 1980. $15.00 + $4.35 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

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