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Playboy Magazine: Back Issues 1977 - 2000

This page: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 1987
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This collection of Playboy Magazine back issues from 1977 - 2000 was placed on consignment. We perused every one, and all include the centerfold and all pages. Most can be classified as in original condition—I believe the original owner collected these for invesment, and most look like they've never even been read! (After listing these online I learned that the consignors had actually torn the shrinkwrap off most of these magazines before turning them over for sale! R. Arden Johnson) The few exceptions to condition are noted. Unless noted otherwise there is only one (1) copy of each issue available!


Playboy, January 1987—Holiday Anniversary Issue with Marylin Monroe Poster #JC0323
     Special Feature: An 8-page pictorial Tribute to Marilyn Montoe with text by Hugh Heffner. This issue includes a 16" x 21", 2-sided poster of a nude Marilyn. One side is a full-color reproduction of the famous Tom Kelley calendar photo that appeared in Playboy's first issue, December 1953. The reverse is a black & white scene. Included at no extra charge to you in the low price for this issue.
     Contents: Sports, Dan Jenkins; Men, Asa Baber; Women, Cynthia Heimel; Playboy Interview: Don Johnson—candid conversation; To Crush the Serpent—article, James Baldwin; The Best—compendium; Randy Newman's Guide to Life, as told to David Sheff; Marilyn—pictorial, text by Hugh M. Hefner; Questions—fiction, Joyce Carol Oates; Flacks—article, Alexander Cockburn and Andrew Cockburn; Graceful Lee—playboy's playmate of the month (Luann Lee); The New Man—fashion, Hollis Wayne; The Bookseller—fiction, Roald Dahl; Meet Missy, Republican Porn Star!—pictorial; Beautiful Husbands—fiction, John Updike; Playboy's College Basketball Preview—sports, Anson Mount; Jane Seymour, Enchantress—pictorial, Bruce Williamson; Quarterly Reports: Compensation—article, Andrew Tobias; 20 Questions: Max Headroom; Max, Have We Got a Girl for You—pictorial; Winter Driving Smarts—modern living, Gary Witzenburg; Playboy's Playmate Review—pictorial; Top 40 Party Colleges, compiled by Wayne Duvall; Little Annie Fanny—satire, Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent, crease on cover next to spine. Marilyn Monroe poster has been folded twice, at original publication, to fit inside the magazine.

SOLD#JC0323: Playboy, January 1987 w/Marilyn Monroe Poster. $16.00 + $4.35 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

Playboy, February 1987 #JC0324
     Contents: Sports, Dan Jenkins; Men, Asa Baber; Women, Cynthia Heimel; Against the Wind, Craig Vetter; Playboy Interview: Mickey Rourke—candid conversation; Cocaine—article, Robert Sabbag; Drug Tests/The view From Courtside—symposium, Tomas Boswell, Drug Tests/Illegal Procedure?—article, P.J. O'Rouke; Being Bitten—pictorial; Old Guard / Avant Garde—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Intermission—fiction, Robert Coover; Mafia princess—pictorial; The Last Route—fiction, D. Keith Mano; Coffee: Not the Same Od Grind—drink, Emanuel Greenberg; Easy Rider—playboy's playmate of the month (Julie Peterson); Call of the Wild—article, James R. Peterson; Don't Panic—article, Paul Erdman; Flight Pay—modern living, Jane Costello and John Holland; The Cosby's Stephanie Beacham—pictorial; Year in Sex—pictorial; 20 Questions: Ed Begley Jr.; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent.

SOLD#JC0324: Playboy, February 1987. $12.00 + $4.35 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

Playboy, March 1987 #JC0325
     Contents: Sports, Dan Jenkins; Men, Asa Baber; Women, Cynthia Heimel; Playboy Interview: Lionel Richie—candid conversation; Crisisweek/The Crisis Crisis—article, Peter Moore, /A Guide to Crisis Journalese, Pau Dickson, /Victims of Press Stress—satire, Lewis Grossberger; The Adventures of a Small-Town Sleuth—pictorial; The Decline and Fall of Okker Chic—article, Michael Thomas; BMW 325i Convertible—modern living; Herpes and the Chaplain—fiction, Lew Steiger; Shorts Story—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Great Briton—playboy's playmate of the month (Marina Baker); Jungle Fever—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Getting Enough—fiction, Chet Williamson; Critics' Choice: The 25 Best Restaurants—article, John Mariani; 20 Questions: Bob Vila; Janey Jones—pictorial; Of Bucks and Boats—article, Reg Potterton; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent.

SOLD #JC0325: Playboy, March 1987. $17.00 + $4.95 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

Playboy, April 1987 #JC0326
     Contents: Sports, Dan Jenkins; Men, Asa Baber; Women, Cynthia Heimel; Against the Wind, Craig Vetter; Playboy Interview: Louis Rukeyser—candid conversation; Playboy Interview: Richard A. Gephardt—quick conversation; The Sellout of CBS News—article, Peter McCabe; Jean Dreams—pictorial; They Fight By Night—article, J. Max Robins; Dress To Impress—fashion, Hollis Wayne; International Pass—fiction, George V. Higgins; Playing Soldier—article, Fred Reed; Night Moves—modern living, Gary Witzenburg; Adventurous Anna—playboy's playmate of the month (Anna Clark); The Little Blue Pill—fiction, Michael Lubow; Tin-Can Galley—food, Herbert B. Livesey; Playboy Music '87—survey; Quarterly Reports: Raw Deal—article, Andrew Tobias; Here Comes Casanova—pictorial; 20 Questions: Rae Dawn Chong; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent.

SOLD#JC0326: Playboy, April 1987. $12.00 + $4.35 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

Playboy, May 1987 #JC0397
     Contents (cover—Vanna White): Playboy Interview: Prince Norodom Sihanouk—candid conversation; Texasville—fiction, Larry McMurtry; Diary of a Hollywood Starlet—pictorial; The Year In Movies; Fast and Easy—fashion, Hollis Wayne; 20 Questions: Barbara Hershey; Kym—playboy's playmate of the month (Kym Paige); The Bachelor's Home Companion—article, P.J. O'Rourke; Sixty Seconds Over Tripoli—article, Andrew Cockburn; Vanna—pictorial; Drugs: Where We Stand, and Addiction and Rehabilitation—article; Cars '87: The Best—modern living; And from Where I Sit, Arthur Kretchmer; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent, centerfold has an extra fold--probably from original production. SOLD

#JC0397: Playboy, May 1987. $18.00

Playboy, June 1987 #JC0398
     Contents: Playboy Interview: Whoopi Goldberg—candid conversation; The Pardoner's Tale—fiction, Robert Silverberg; Currents—fashion, Hollis Wayne; The Egret—fiction, Michael Bishop; Jenilee—pictorial; Prime Time for Television; Home Shopping—article, Bill Zehme; Financial Evangelists—article, Jerry Stahl; Raising the Tube Stakes, William Marsano; The Iranscam Follies—humor, Gerald Gardner; The Real Thing—playboy's playmate of the month (Sandy Greenberg): Passport Smarts—travel, Richard and Joyce Wolkomir; Rubbers from Ronnie—article, Robert Coram; Condom Etiquette, Asa Baber; Better Than Bird!—personality, Bob Ryan; Playmate of the Year—pictorial; 20 Questions: Michael J. Fox; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent. SOLD

#JC0398: Playboy, June 1987. $15.00 + $4.35 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

Playboy, July 1987 #JC0399
     Contents: Playboy Interview: Wade Boggs—candid conversation; The Godfather Walks—article, Peter McCabe; Meet Ellen Stohl—pictorial; Little Richard, Happy At Last?—personality, John Waters; A Formal Proposal—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Night Life In the Age of Aids—article, David Seeley; A Calm Look At Aids—special report, David Black; For Your Eyes and Ears Only—modern living; The Weather's Fine—fiction, Harry Turtledove; Free Spirit—playboy's playmate of the month (Carmen Berg); Restraint—fiction, Frederick Barthelme; Beach Ball—compendium/pictorial; 20 Questions: Gary Shandling; Quarterly Reports: Making a (Gasp) Budget—article, Andrew Tobias; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent. SOLD

#JC0399: Playboy, July 1987. $12.50 + $4.35 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

Playboy, August 1987 #JC0400
     Contents (double fold-out cover): Playboy Interview: Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos—candid conversation; Gambling In America—article, Steven Crist; High Rollers, Maurice Zolotow; Paulina—pictorial, text by Mark Zussman; Pitcher Perfect—personality, Lewis Grossberger; A Gentleman's Basic Wardrobe—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Sen Yen Babbo & the Heavenly Host—fiction, Chet Williamson; Sharry—playboy's playmate of the month (Sharry Konopski); Paradise Frost—drink, Emanuel Greenberg; Comebacks—article, Anthony Brandt; The Art of Urban Cycling—article, Nelson Vails; Women of Florida—pictorial; 20 Questions: David Lee Roth; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent. SOLD

#JC0400: Playboy, August 1987. $15.00 + $4.95 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

Playboy, September 1987 #JC0401
     Contents: Playboy Interview: John Sculley—candid conversation; Spy Wars—article, Rudy Maxa; Now Hear This—article, Jeffrey Richelson; Back To Campus—fashion, Hollis Wayne; The Dirty Little Secret That's Bon Jovi—article, Timothy White; Helmut Newton's Playmates—pictorial; The Great American Sexy Scandal Quiz; The Rules of Attraction—fiction, Bret Easton Ellis; On the Move—playboy's playmate of the month (Gwen Hajek); Playboy's Pro Football Forecast—sports, Gary Cole; Hair Apparent—modern living, Nance Mitchell; Driving In the Real World—modern living, Ken Gross; 20 Questions: Penn and Teller; 25 Years of James Bond—pictorial; Women of 007; D'Abo, Bruce Williamson; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent. SOLD!

#JC0401: Playboy, September 1987. $15.00

Playboy, October 1987 #JC0402
     Contents: Playboy Interview: General Richard Secord—candid conversation; Korea, Inc.—article, Roberty Kearney; Oh, Donna!—pictorial; Honeymoon For One—article, Merrill Shindler; Hot & Cold—fashion, Hollis Wayne; In Love With Rachel—fiction, Steven Ploetz; Fine Brandy!—playboy's playmate of the month (Brandi Brandt); Charity Chic—article, Dick Adler; Playboy's Pigskin Review—sports, Gary Cole; Women of the Top Ten Party Colleges—pictorial; 20 Questions: Bob Uecker; Quarterly Reports: Behind the counter—article, Andrew Tobias; The Bright Side of Star Wars—The Spin Off—humor, John Jonik; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent. SOLD!

#JC0402: Playboy, October 1987. $15.00 + $4.95 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

Playboy, November 1987 #JC0403
     Contents: Playboy Interview: Daniel Ortega—candid conversation; The Jessica Hahn Story, Part One; Jessica On Her Own Terms—pictorial; Meat and Money At Football Camp—article, Geoffrey Norman; Glimmer, Glimmer—fiction, George Alec Effinger; Winning Streak—playboy's playmate of the month (Pam Stein); Best of the Browns—drink, Emanuel Greenberg; Cold Weather Classics—fashion, Hollis Wayne; 20 Questions: Kelly McGillis; Sex In Cinema 1987, text by Bruce Williamson; 33-1/3 Reasons To Love (Or Hate) Rock 'N' Roll; 1988 Playboy Music Poll; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent.

SOLD#JC0403: Playboy, November 1987. $12.50 + $4.35 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

Playboy, December 1987 #JC0404
     Contents: Playboy Interview: Gore Vidal—candid conversation; The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair—fiction, Ray Bradbury; Gitte the Great—pictorial; The Modern Man's Guide To Life—article, Denis Boyles, Alan Rose, Alan Wellikoff; The 12 Stores of Christmas—modern living; Tricks—fiction, Ed McBain; Meet India—playboy's playmate of the month (India Allen); 20 Questions: Justin Bateman; The Jessica Hahn Story, Part Two; Great Lounge Acts—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Dennis, Anyone?—personality, David Seeley; Channel Hopping—article, Jerry Stahl; Urban Renewal—modern living, Joanna L. Krotz; Yossarian Survives—fiction, Joseph Heller; Sex Stars of 1987—pictorial, text by Jim Harwood; The Substitutes—humor, Gahan Wilson; plus regular features.
     Condition: Excellent. SOLD

#JC0404: Playboy, December 1987. $12.50 + $4.95 S&H to U.S. address only via Priority Mail.

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