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Antique Nordmende Sterling Hi-Fi
Wood Cabinet & Speakers








Condition: Excellent. Quantity available: 1

SOLD Price: $50.00 - Plus Shipping & Handling. Contact us via email (Contact Us link at left) with your Zip code to determine exact shipping costs and any other consideration. — Insurance is available at extra charge, and is suggested or we cannot guarantee delivery. Shipping weight estimated at 6-8 lbs. from Zip 16735.

NOTE to Pennsylvania residents: 6% sales tax is payable on total of price plus S&H. If you are located near Kane, PA, you can save S&H by picking up your order. Contact us for details.

This would make an ideal retro-fit for your retro system. Use as is and connect to your low impedance system, or remove and replace with modern speakers. Considering the configuration, you could make your own retro radio. I know the wood would enhance any speaker system.

Sterling Speaker Extension

This is the Electra No. 100 Matched Extension 3-Speaker Hi-Fi System. Made by Sterling Hi-Fidelity, Inc.

I bought this somewhere around 1959-1961 to enhance the sound of my reel-to-reel Webcor tape recorder/player. It produced great mono sound with its two, 3.5" round tweeters and one, 6"-7" oval woofer.

The wood cabinet is magnificient, and looks like the housing for a fine violin! The cabinet is in very good condition with a few, minor rub marks, and a 1/8" chip on the front, top right corner.

The speakers (4 - 5 ohms) are completely sealed in the wooden cabinet, with a sliding wooden panel on the bottom to provide access. The original grill covers are in near perfect condition. The bottom grill cover is brown cloth, the upper cover is a dark gold with brighter, heavier gold thread in a small square grid pattern.

The face trim is a cream colored plastic, with a cream colored, wooden insert in the center and two plastic "plugs" of dark bronze color. There is a gold colored plastic (I think, might be metal) seperator between the top and bottom grill covers, and it is beginning to show tarnish or wear.

I remember at the time I purchased this that there were radios that looked identical. The dial and knobs were where the wooden insert and plastic plugs are on this extension speaker. I presume the anticipated use of this speaker system was to connect to a matching radio to provide simulated stereo sound.

The speakers still worked as of the last time I used this (but don't ask me when that was). The small speakers have a minor coating of corrosion on the metal parts, but the large speaker looks like it was just taken from the "new parts bin".

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