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Collectible Postage Stamps - 1854-57 Type of 1841 Great Britain One Penny

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1854-57 Type of 1841 Great Britain 1 P Back of Stamp

This stamp may not be unique, but it is rare.

It is either an 1854-57 Type of 1841 Great Britain One Penny, or it is an 1840-41 One Penny.

According to my antique Scotts Album, it is "Type of 1841, Perforated, Bluish Paper, 1 P, Red Brown".

As can be seen in the photo, the stamp is all there--perfs on all four sides--but either the printing was too large, or the perforation operation was too small, and the top and left sides of the printing are missing. There is a "B" in the lower right corner, and a design in the upper right corner. What should have printed in the upper and lower left corners is anyone's guess.

The back of the stamp does not tell me much. It was hinged in the album, and the hinge is still stuck on the back of the stamp--I'll not try removing it. The stamp apparently was originally stuck on a black envelope or over heavy ink, because it's even blacker than the second photo shows. Also, much more than 50 years ago somone (not I) wrote on the back. It appears that it might be "2 Sh", which could mean "two shillings". Was that what it sold for earlier in the 20th Century?

I've tried checking prices, but being less than fully knowledgeable, I've found similar stamps with prices ranging from a couple of hundred dollars into the thousands of dollars.

So, I'm asking for offers on this one. I promise to guarantee that I will consider all offers over $200.00 USD, but reserve the right to refuse all offers. Do not submit an offer for less than $200.00--save your time and mine, I will not consider it. If you want more information on the stamp, contact me via email, below.

Make an Offer! FREE S&H and Insurance, and we pay any sales tax that may be due, if offer is $200 or more.

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